A fun scavenger hunt in your office: DIY tips

Why should kids have all the fun? Easter egg hunts and chocolate bunny chases are great to keep the children occupied.  But the adults also enjoy a good game of scavenger hunting. And when you manage the time to organize a game in your office, the team will feel great! Assign cool prizes for the team that gets the most points and let’s go. Just follow these tips, and you will set up the best scavenger hunt game in no time!

Write up a long list

Make sure you think of as many items to put on your list as possible. The participants work fast and will go through a shortlist in a matter of minutes, so the best way to prolong the fun is to come up with a long list of items to hide. Also, a cool trick is to assign different points for different items. The ones which are more difficult to find will carry more value and vice versa.

Assign a time limit

Playing without a time limit makes the game dull and predictable. Give the players enough time to check all the items on the list, but not too much, so the tempo of the game disappears. A quick game will keep the working atmosphere going, but you can also think of a 2-day quest, perfect for team building exercises.

Work in teams

Split up your employees in teams of 3 to 5 people and entice them to work together. It is great for developing teamwork skills, cooperation, and communication. And it is more fun, too! Another cool feature of assigning teams is the option to set up a game where a team effort is crucial for success. For example, you can ask a team to make a photo of them dancing together, or something similar.

A mess for success

Don’t be afraid of a little mess! Assign tasks which include paint, confetti, glitter, crayons or something similar you can use around the office. Let the teams get creative!


Everybody has a smart phone today. Take advantage of this fact and make the game, even more, fun. For example, you can ask the participants to provide photos of specific people, actions, or places. Even more, you can ask them to recreate an event or a scenario and make a photo of it. This way you will add a touch of excitement and the photos will be a great motif for your bulletin board!

A personal touch

Let the members of the teams know each other even better. While you are creating your list of tasks and assignments, think about a little personal connection between the teammates. Make them get some more information about their co-workers. You can make them find out the favorite book of their teammate or learn about their hobbies and so on.

Set up a prize

Remember, it is not about the value or the size of the prize; it is about the fact that recognition matters. Just a small gesture will be enough: a coupon, a gift card, it doesn’t matter. Just remember to reward all the members of the winning team.