About us

Besides your personal agenda and a lot of options and services regarding the organization, we are offering you the most exciting and thrilling game that you and your team are going to experience in your life. You will learn a lot about your team and yourself through a lot of different mission s and tasks. You will experience all of that through pure fun.

Besides missions, you will be able to inform your team about future actions and to stay in touch with them 24/7, which is really important, especially nowadays when the market develop amazingly fast. Basically, you will have your employees gathered in your second virtual world. This way you will be able to track and monitor a complete development of your business and to see the benefits of bird’s eye approach. Every successful supervisor or manager knows how this approach is important for business and efficient work. Our author Martha Godwin applied this method to her own business; it turned out it is more than successful!


Having tasks and missions is the best way to see how your team works. This simple game will show you how your team functions under pressure and you will be able to see all its flaws before you come into some real difficult situation. It will help you to prevent a lot of future trouble.


  • Safety first

    Safety first

    Make your team use the benefits of a snap chat and send you the photo where they are wearing at least three items of protective equipment.
  • Employed


    It is a very interesting challenge. Photo of your team member working at a service job they are not employed at.
  • Mystery Mission

    Mystery Mission

    Facing your team with the puzzle and mystery mission where they need to activate their brain and use it to resolve the mystery.
  • Need for speed

    Need for speed

    Use any of the previous subjects but add a time limit and make them act fast. You will see how exciting this can be and how fast your team is.