Taskees Scavenger Hunt

Every successful businessman needs to have his agenda. We are just what you need, your personal agenda that has everything in one place.




You just need to sign in, and the rest is up to us. We will make sure that you and all of your employees can easily track what is happening on the site.

Team building
It will help you to have team building online and to connect your team members easily, whenever you have free time.

Smart box
You use a smart box to gather only one part of the group and to avoid spamming the rest of the team.


  • Peter Smith

    Peter Smith

    It is unbelievable how you can force your employees to get known each other better, by using just one simple game so-called Scavenger hunt. They will get closer to every mission.
  • Sarah Johnson

    Sarah Johnson

    I cannot express how satisfied I am with my team after we start using this site. My team is so synchronized and organized as we are in constant touch.
  • Marc Parker

    Marc Parker

    If you have problems with your team and you want to teach them about discipline, put a task in front of them and see how they can improve their work.


Subscribe to VIP

If you want a package with special service, you can subscribe to VIP package with a lot of additional options. Those additional options are various depending on your personal needs. Basically, we will personalize your profile and adjust it to your desires. Whatever special needs you have it can be arranged.